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Scientific Education

·Doctor-Degree-Studies at the University of Dortmund/ Institute for Material Culture“
Doctor-Degree-Studies at the Leibnitz University of Hannover/ Dr. Eva Koethen
·Scholarship of the Andrea von Braun Foundation for interdisciplinary research/ Munich
·In the Loop Conference/ University of Southhampton/ Winchester United Kingdom/ UK
·2nd. Conference of the Netzwerk-Textil/ Krefeld: „Intelligent Connections” 12.-14.03.2009/ Krefeld
·Symposium: “Wieviel Wissenschaft bekommt der Kunst?”
·ARGE „Wissenschaft und Kunst“ Art-Academy/ Vienna
·Doctoral-Degree-Studies at the University of Hannover/ Faculty of Art
·“Experimentelle Ästhetik”: VIII Congress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ästhetik / Art Academy of Düsseldorf
·Curator, Artist and Arthistorian of the Exhibition: „Entlang des Fadens- Das Textile als Medium der zeitgenössischen Kunst“
·Conference ARTgerecht – 2. Studententagung der Fachschaft Kunstgeschichte des Kunsthistorischen Institutes der Stuttgarter Universität. Lecture „kultiviertesubjektivitätsobjektivierungsselbstreferenzschöpfung“


„Kunst im Bildungsprozess“ Prof. Dr. Eva Koethen

Lectures about  Art; Art-History; Material Culture; Artistic-Research; The textile media of Art at the following Universities: Technical University of Dortmund; Leibniz University of Hannover; University of Stuttgart; University of Reutlingen; Royal College of Art/ London; Art-Academy of Offenbach HfG/ Offenbach; Archive of  Artists/ Darmstadt; Städelmuseum/ Frankfurt; University of Nürtingen; University of Art-Therapy/ Nürtingen; Art-Academy/ Nürtingen; Kloster Inzigkofen/ Inzigkofen; Academy of fine Art/ Vienna; Mozarteum/ Salzburg/ Austria

Exhibition preparation and cleaning
Exhibition preparation and hanging knit artwork

* Scholarships & Artprizes * Johannes Mosbach Stiftung * Charlotte von Prinz Stipendium/ Darmstadt * Künstlerförderung der Künstlerhilfe/ Frankfurt a. M. *Celeste Kunstpreis * Andrea von Braun Stiftung/ München; Stipendium für interdisziplinäre Forschung

Artwork by Denise Bettelyoun

At the beginning of my artistic career, which began at the Art Academy HfG/ Offenbach, I used textiles and textile techniques as media of my artwork. I work hard at deconstructing  cultural and traditional receptions connected to textiles and textile techniques. I mainly do  this by working subversively with culturally defined meanings and traditional viewpoints on textiles and handicrafts, aiming at deconstructing them and thereby showing, that there is a lot more creative potential within the textile media in art, which goes way beyond clothing, decoration and functional usages of the feminine sphere.
It´s time to overcome ignorance in this field and open up to the span of creative possibilities that actually exist for artists working with this media.
This was the reason, why I pursued deepening my knowledge and skills, by not only working practically as an artist with textiles and textile techniques, but also by writing my thesis about the textile media in art of the 21st century and  therefore reflecting the textile media practically,  theoretically and scientifically. 
This has furthered my deeper understanding of the textiles´ span of creative potential.

In my view, the textile media within artistic work is a „social surface“ which is supercharged with cultural, traditional, haptic, structural, social, economical, gender-constituting, political, and religious meanings. These flow into artwork and strongly influence the publics´ reception.

The textile surrounds our everday life and its everyday presence, has led to an unreflectedness so that basically nobody is genuinely aware of its creative potential.

Through creative processes which are intitiated and inspired by the textile material, I am slowly uncovering, discovering and approximating the range/ span of possibilities, that the textile within art can actually entale. My work clearly aims at transcending limitations based on traditional and cultural established perceptions, usages and stereotypical viewpoints of the textile media in art.

As the field of art is a freed space, it enables artists, scientists and students to challenge and question established conceivabilities of textiles- therefore opening up to innovation. This is a highly interesting field of work, which is gaining importance in times of unfolding virtuality in all life-spaces. The textile media, handicrafts, crafting- and DIY-Cultures stand surrogate for authentic feeling, materiality, haptics and manual dexterity. At the same time, they convey alternatives that answer to the problems of climate change, ecological and economical factors, capitalist exploitation, sweat shop work and the loss of connection to nature. 


© Denise Bettelyoun
All texts and photos used on this website are copyright protected.

© Denise Bettelyoun
All texts and photos used on this website
are copyright protected.