lectures & workshops

lectures & workshops

lectures & workshops

lectures & workshops

Upcoming Workshops & Exhibitions

05.05.– 23.06.2024
Kleine Galerie
Bad Waldsee

Denise Bettelyoun

03.06. – 08.06.2024
Kloster Inzigkofen

21.07 – 18.08.2024
Mühle Malstedt
Mit den Händen denken

27.07. – 04.08.2024
Schlei Akademie

Artist in Residence

11.08. – 15.08.2024


07.09. – 15.09.2024
Kunstakademie Eigenart
Textilkunst – Im Fadenkreuz

20.09. – 22.09.2024
Schwabenakademie Irsee

Lecturer for fine arts, art-history and textile art at — Hochschule für Kunsttherapie Nürtingen — Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen — Universität Stuttgart — Leibnitz Universität Hannover — Volkshochschule Inzigkofen — Kloster Neustift — Kunstakademie Augsburg — Schloß Achberg — Schwabenakademie Irsee — Maschenmuseum Albstadt — Freie Kunstakademie Gerlingen — Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall — and more.             

Contact me for networking, interesting art projects, lectures, research and speeches focussing on the textile media in art.


My approach to teaching fine arts.

In my view, students must learn to consciously roam through and deeply reflect life spaces, the worlds issues, thoughts, innovations, feelings, news, politics, economic and ecologic issues, in order to develop an individual form of innovative creativity. Only then they will be able to make connections, unspoiled from established viewpoints, cultural barriers and conventions. This can actively be schooled.

Based on my 28-years of experience as a professional artist, curator, art historian, doctorate, lecturer, junior professor and teacher of art and textile art, my approach to teaching is truly interdisciplinary. It combines artistic practice with scientific research.

It is such a rewarding thing to teach students to develop and generate their creative potential, while finding their individual artistic expression; to develop their senses and aesthetical sensitivity, their theoretical & practical skills and intelligence. Reflecting their artwork, being able to communicate, implement and generate their ideas, is a big step in direction of a freed innovative creativity, of which our times are in great need for.

My approach to teaching textiles as media of art

If you look at the wide span of applications the textile has and has had in our society and worldwide cultures and traditions in the past and the present, you become aware of the wide field of possibilities for an aspiring artist.

Teaching art at university level incorporating textiles as  media of art, demands multidimensional learning and studying. All of the students´ senses need to be sharpened in many directions and they need to develop a type of mobility/ flexibility of the brain. The basis of my teaching is to convey fundamental know-how in the fields of art, science, craft plus deepset experience with creative processes and forwarding fundamental textile knowledge and understanding.This is intitiated and inspired by the textile material. We form our identity via textiles, we communicate to the outer and inner world via textiles, we feel them on our skin, we connect sensually to them, we have many memories connected to them, they shelter us, nurture our needs, give us warmth, clothe us, shield off harm and express our innermost standing.

Due to the expanding of virtual reality and its synthetical creations free of materiality and haptics, the textile media becomes a surrogate for authentic feeling and experiences. And therefore it is not really surprising that we find the textile media quickly gaining importance in the arts at present.

Listen to Denise Bettelyoun:

Opening speech at Pfullinger Klosterkirche for the exhibition „Ur°Sprung“

Scenes from 28.01.2021:

fem! virtueller Apéro riche
«Threadening Subversion –Textile Art Activism for social change»

© Denise Bettelyoun
All texts and photos used on this website are copyright protected.

© Denise Bettelyoun
All texts and photos used on this website
are copyright protected.